Friday, April 17, 2009

BREAKING! The Moran Family is Corrupt!

The Washington Post just realized that Brian Moran is just as corrupt as his brother Jim. Let's hope that the Democrats don't find out until after they nominate Brian in the primary!

The corruption of the Morans should come as no surprise to people who follow politics. Jim is a powerful appropriator, that third party in Washington that includes other honorable public servants like Duke Cunningham and Jack Murtha. What comes to a surprise to me is that the Washington Post managed to write up an entire article on the ties between Jim, Brian, and key defense contractors and failed to mention the deep ties between Jim and the scandal-ridden lobbying firm PMA.


Moran's ties to PMA and its network was worthy of a near page long analysis of the ties in Roll Call back in March.

When will this end?!

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